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Chinese Name : 莫文蔚

English Name : Karen Mok

Date of Birth : 02 June 1970

Education :

London University, UK
United World College of the Adriatic, Italy (Scholarship)
Hong Kong Outstanding Students Awards

Height : 167cm

Weight : 46kg

Horoscope : Gemini

Language : Cantonese, Mandarin, English, Italian, French

Musical Instrument : Gu Zheng, Piano, Oboe


Born in Hong Kong of Welsh, Chinese and Persian descent, Karen Mok is an actress and singer-songwriter who has enjoyed phenomenal success in Asia since making her debut in 1993.

A winner of the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Award, Karen, who speaks five languages (English, Cantonese, Mandarin, French and Italian), also won a two-year scholarship to complete her secondary studies at the United World College in Italy. She then went on to read Italian Literature at London University before returning to Hong Kong to embark on a career in entertainment.

Internationally recognized, the award-winning actress has appeared in over 40 films including SHAOLIN SOCCER, one of the highest-grossing films in Hong Kong’s history, Wong Kar-Wai’s FALLEN ANGELS, for which she was honored with a Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actress, Disney’s AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS with Jackie Chan and Keanu Reeves’ directorial debut MAN OF TAI CHI, due for global release in 2013. Mok recently starred in THE GREAT HYPNOTIST, a Chinese thriller-drama-mystery film, and it scored ¥200 million in less than 2 weeks.

In the field of music, Karen has a habit of making history: she was the first female artist from Hong Kong ever to win Taiwan’s prestigious Golden Melody Award (equivalent to the Grammy Award in the Mandarin music market) and the first Asian star to take the lead role in a Broadway production, when she was invited to perform in the hit musical “RENT” on its 10th Anniversary World Tour. Mok has 16 albums released to date. She was the first major recording artist in Greater China to release a digital album, the award-winning RELISH, on China Mobile, setting the trend for others to follow. Karen is now poised to bring her music to a global audience with the international launch of her debut English jazz album SOMEWHERE I BELONG. She is the first Chinese artist to attain a worldwide release on iTunes.

Her unique style, chameleon looks and signature long legs have made her one of Asia’s most sought-after fashion icons in advertising. She is also the first Asian superstar to launch her own fragrance and lingerie line. Throughout her busy schedule, however, Karen has always found the time to lend her high international profile to numerous charitable causes, especially those concerned with children’s welfare and animal rights. She currently serves as ambassador for UNICEF, SPCA, Animals Asia Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and Enlighten-Action for Epilepsy.

Karen was a torch-bearer and performer at the Beijing Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies in 2008. She is the NO.1 female singer on Chinese microblog service WEIBO – with over 36 million followers and counting.

2013 marked the 20th anniversary of her remarkable career in showbiz. Mok began celebration with an exhibition, followed by “The Age of MOKnificence – Karen Mok 20th Anniversary Tour” for a total of 30 shows in over 20 cities, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Chongqing.

  • Bio


    “The World Is Her Stage”—by Paul Sexton

    The expression “the world is her stage” means exactly what it says when it comes to singer, songwriter, musician, award-winner, Olympic torch-bearer, superstar of concerts, films and musicals, the multi-lingual, multi-talented Karen Mok.

    Eurasian Karen, who has Chinese heritage but also Welsh, Persian and German blood, is from Hong Kong by birth, but in reality she’s from everywhere. In a hugely accomplished career, Karen has repeatedly proved that she’s one of the most distinguished Oriental talents of her generation, but now she’s set to cross the bridge between east and west as never before, on her new album, and first English-language jazz recording, ‘Somewhere I Belong.’

    With Karen’s sophisticated approach and with her unique background, this is “jazz, but with a bit of a Chinese approach,” as she describes it. It features an eclectic selection of interpretations plus two Chinese songs (one traditional, one written by Mok herself). The broad palette of ‘Somewhere I Belong’ runs all the way from Cole Porter to Portishead, from Chris Isaak to Sting and from George Gershwin to the Beatles.

    “Basically I locked myself in my room and started to imagine what songs I would really want to sing,” explains Karen, whose love of jazz dates from her university days, sparked by such vocal figureheads as Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. “It was quite tough just to choose ten songs. It’s a bit like when I do the set list for my own concerts, you want a nice mix. And yes, we even threw in a couple of Chinese songs as well.”

    The track listing is as varied as the contents of Karen’s iPod. It also embraces pop era classics such s Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’ and Sting’s ‘Moon Over Bourbon Street,’ and songs that were already becoming standards long before World War II, such as Porter’s ‘Love For Sale’ and Gershwin’s ‘The Man I Love.’

    ‘Somewhere I Belong’ was recorded in Shanghai, “in an old, very organic studio, all wooden,” as Karen says. It also features her playing the guzheng, the traditional Chinese zither-like instrument she learned many years ago, notably on her imaginative cover of George Harrison’s Beatles classic ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps.’

    After deciding to interpret the song, Karen decided to go one step further and reinvent Eric Clapton’s famous guitar solo in the Beatles’ original. “I don’t play the guitar, but I do play the guzheng, so I thought, let me do my version of the guzheng gently weeping,” she explains.

    “It turns out that when George Harrison wrote that song, he had just read the Chinese Book of Changes, I Ching, so he was suddenly into the balance of the opposites, and the forces that play against each other.Then everything fell into place, because that’s what the I Ching is about: everything happens for a reason, there’s always cause and effect, and nothing just happens for the heck of it. A bit like what’s happened to me in my life.”

    And a jazz-tinged album with Portishead’s trip-hop favourite ‘Sour Times’ on it? You bet. “I thought, why not do something really funky and completely unexpected on a jazz album? The melody of ‘Sour Times’ just calls for it to be done in a jazzy way. I love that song, and there’s so much you can do with your vocals, it gives you a lot of scope. It’s a very alternative song, but somehow there’s something oriental about it, it’s eerie at the same time.

    To reflect her roots and give the album even more Eastern promise, Karen knew she wanted to include two Chinese songs. “Back in the 1930s and ’40s, Shanghai was very happening, it was the Paris of the Orient,” she says. “They did their type of jazz with very typical Chinese melodies, and we had some really big divas from those days. So I redid a famous song called ‘Shanghai Nights,’ and that fits very well with the whole concept of the album.”

    Whatever the style, Karen was determined to make each song her own. “There’s no point trying to copy something that’s already great,” she says. “I had a ton of fun, because you’re reinterpreting something in your own way and trying to make it new.”

    Fluent in English from childhood, Mok first travelled to Europe when she visited Italy at 17, before studying Italian literature at university in London. She’s now married to a German, even if she jokes that she’s not quite as good at his language as she might be.

    But her experience and familiarity with Europe developed at the same time as a remarkable career in the Mandarin music market. Her album catalogue now stretches to some 15 releases, and she became the first female artist from Hong Kong ever to win the prestigious Golden Melody Award in Taiwan. That’s nothing less than the equivalent of a Grammy, and Karen has won it three times, in 2003, 2008 and 2011.

    When she was about to apply for a scholarship in the UK, the Chinese youth orchestra in which Mok had played guzheng were offered the chance to play a concert in Italy. She accepted, and went on to study there. “The school was in a castle, up on a cliff on the Adriatic Sea. Then I came to London and did Italian literature, and things just kept going.”

    They did indeed. Mok went home when some of her vocal demos found their way to Hong Kong record companies, leading to a deal and her first album, in Cantonese, 1993’s ‘Karen.’ “Very soon, I got a phone call from a producer wanting to cast me in the next big Chinese New Year movie.” Her parallel life as a film star was about to begin.

    “In the mid-’90s, there was one year where I was just doing films non-stop,” she recalls. “I did maybe seven or eight back to back, which was quite gruelling, but it was an experience. Soon after, I signed with Rock Records, based in Taiwan, who were very big. They had the foresight to bring me over to Taiwan to get into the Mandarin market, much earlier than other Hong Kong artists.”

    So Karen’s career continued to blossom across many media: on countless album releases, in the Jackie Chan movie ‘Around The World In 80 Days,’ as the voice of Princess Kida in the Cantonese soundtrack of Disney’s ‘Atlantis: The Lost Empire’ and in the tenth anniversary Asian tour of the Broadway smash ‘Rent’ in 2005-06, in the lead role of Mimi. She was also front and centre on the global stage, as torch-bearer when Beijing hosted the 2008 Olympic Games.

    ‘Somewhere I Belong’ is the next chapter in a momentous story, introduced by Karen with a debut performance at the Shanghai Jazz Festival in late October. The album is released across Asia in mid-January 2013, and the rest of the world a couple of weeks later, in time for Chinese New Year.

    “I do feel that jazz is a genre that can cross borders and cultures, and if I try something new, hopefully people who already like my music will be tempted to check it out,” says Karen. It’s yet another exciting challenge for an artist who absolutely thrives on them. 2013 promises to be one of her biggest years yet, with another cinematic landmark on the way, starring in ‘Man Of Tai Chi,’ co-directed by its leading man, none other than Keanu Reeves.

    “Maybe because my background was very different to a lot of my school friends, I’ve always felt it’s fun to be different,” she concludes. “I don’t want to be like everyone else.”

    (October 2012)

  • Movies


    2016 :A Chinese Odyssey: Part Three

    2014 : The Great Hypnotist

    2013 : Man of Tai Chi (Directed by Keanu Reeves)
    2011 : East Meet West 2011
    2011 : The Law of Attraction
    2011 : The Road Less Traveled
    2010 : Go! La La Go!
    2008 : Lost Indulgence
    2008 : The Coffin
    2007 : Mr. Cinema
    2005 : Wait Until You’re Older
    2003 : Enter the Phoenix
    2003 : Around the World in 80days (Starring Jackie Chan)
    2003 : The Twins Effect
    2002 : Haunted Office
    2002 : Pork Chop’s Club
    2001 : Red Snow
    2001 : So Close
    2001 : Shaolin Soccer (Directed by Stephen Chow)
    2001 : All the Way
    2001 : Goodbye Mr. Cool
    2000 : From Ashes to Ashes (Anti-Smoking Film of RTHK)
    2000 : Roaring Wheels
    1999 : King of Comedy
    1999 : Tempting Heart
    1997 : Young and Dangerous IV ’97
    1997 : First Love the Litter on the Breeze
    1997 : Lawyer Lawyer
    1997 : Task Force
    1996 : Sexy and Dangerous
    1996 : Young and Dangerous III
    1996 : Four Faces of Eve
    1996 : Kitchen
    1996 : Best of the Best
    1996 : Black Mask (Starring Jet Li)
    1996 : Viva Erotica
    1996 : The God of Cookery (Starring Stephen Chow)
    1995 : A Chinese Odyssey (Starring Stephen Chow)
    1995 : Out of the Dark
    1995 : Heaven Can’t Wait
    1995 : Fallen Angels (Directed by Wong Kar-Wai)
    1994 : Family Affair

  • Music Albums

    Music Albums

    2021 : The Voyage(Cantonese Album, Sony Music Entertainment)
    2018 : HALF TIME(Mandarin Album, Sony Music Entertainment)
    2014 : Departures (Mandarin Album, Universal Music)
    2013 : The Age of MOKnificence – Karen Mok 20th Anniversary Compilation (Cantonese, ———English & Mandarin Compilation/ Rock Record, Sony BMG & Universal Music)
    2013 : Somewhere I Belong (English Album, Decca / Universal Music)
    2012 : The Original Karen Mok Show @ Taipei Arena (Concert DVD, Universal Music)
    2010 : Precious (Mandarin Album, Universal Music)
    2009 : Relish (Mandarin Album, Universal Music)
    2007 : L!ve is… Karen Mok (Mandarin Album, Sony BMG)
    2006 : Karen Mok Without You (Mandarin Album, Sony BMG,)
    2003 :【X】 (Mandarin Album, Sony Music)
    2003 : Very Karen Mok Live Tour (Concert DVD, Rock Record)
    2002 :【i】 (Mandarin Album, Sony Music)
    2002 : So Close (Soundtrack, Sony Music)
    2001 : Golden Flower (Cantonese Album, Rock Record)
    2000 : Karen Mok on the Twelfth Floor (Mandarin Album, Rock Record)
    2000 : Live Again (Cantonese EP, Rock Record,)
    2000 : Karen Mok (Cantonese EP, Rock Record)
    2000 : Karen More (Mandarin Compilation, Rock Record)
    1999 : Live Show (Mandarin EP, Rock Record)
    1999 : King of Comedy (Soundtrack, Rock Record)
    1999 : You Can (Mandarin Album, Rock Record)
    1999 : Back (Cantonese EP, Rock Record)
    1999 : That is Karen Mok (Mandarin Album, Rock Record)
    1998 : Flowers of Shanghai (Soundtrack, Rock Record)
    1998 : I Say (Mandarin Album, Rock Record)
    1998 : Silently (English EP, Rock Record)
    1998 : I Love You (Soundtrack, Rock Record)
    1998 : I Want to Sing (Concert VCD, Rock Record)
    1997 : To Be (Mandarin Album, Rock Record)
    1997 : Love Yourself (English & Mandarin EP, Rock Record)
    1996 : Karen Mok in Totality (Cantonese Album, Rock Record)
    1993 : Karen (Cantonese Album, Star Record)

  • Shows & Concerts

    Shows & Concerts

    2018 – 2021 : The Ultimate Karen Mok Show World Tour

    2015 – 2016 : Karen Mok Regardez World Tour (Taipei, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Xiamen, Beijing,——————-Guiyang, Wuhan, Foshan, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Hefei, Kunming, Shanghai,——————-Xian, Changsha, Qingdao, Singapore, Macau, London, Madrid, Milan,——————-Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Vancouver, Toronto)

    2013 – 2015 : The Age of MOKnificence – Karen Mok 20th Anniversary Concert Tour (Shanghai, ——————-Chongqing, Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Nanjing, ——————-Chengdu, Changzhou, Changsha, Shantou, Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Macau)
    2009 – 2011 : “The Original Karen Mok Show” Tour (Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, Chengdu, ——————-Changsha, Guangzhou, Taipei)
    2008 :             John Legend Live in Shanghai – guest performer
    2008 :             Chivas Live in Shanghai – Karen x Black Eyed Peas
    2007 :             CCTV Annual Chinese New Year’s Eve Countdown Extravagance
    2007 :             NBA Tournament in Macau – special performance
    2006 :             Karen Mok “I Do” Live in Taipei
    2006 :             CCTV Annual Chinese New Year’s Eve Countdown Extravagance
    2006 :             Golden Grand Prix International Sports Competition, Shanghai – Opening Act with ——————-Macy Gray
    2005 :             “The Extremely Karen Mok Show” Asia Tour (Hong Kong / Shanghai / Chengdu / ——————-Hangzhou / Nanjing / Suzhou)
    2004 :             CCTV Annual Chinese New Year’s Eve Countdown Extravagance
    2003 :             Karen Mok China Tour (Shanghai / Beijing)
    2002 :             Karen Mok Live at The Shrine (Los Angeles)
    2000 – 2001 : “Very” Karen Mok Live Tour (Taipei / Singapore / Hong Kong)
    1996 :             “I Want to Sing” Live Concert in Taipei

  • Musical & Theatrical Performance

    Musical & Theatrical Performance

    2005 : New York Broadway Musical “Rent” 10th Anniversary Asia Tour (Singapore / Hong Kong / ———Seoul / Daegu / Beijing / Taipei)
    2004 : “Recycle”, Hong Kong Arts Festival

  • Endorsement


    2010 – 2015 : PECHOIN Herbal Skin Care (China)
    2011 – 2014 : Cadillac SRX (China)
    2011 – 2013 : Neutrogena Skin Care (Taiwan)
    2011 :             Kappa sports wear (China)
    2009 :             CLEAR Shampoo & Conditioner (China)
    2004 – 2012 : Canon “IXUS” Digital Camera (China, Taiwan)
    2008 – 2009 : Toyota “Yaris” (China)
    2007 – 2008 : Titus Watch (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, ——————-Indonesia)
    2007 – 2008 : Red Dragonfly Shoes (China)
    2006 – 2008 : Chow Tai Fook Fine Jewellery (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan)
    2005 – 2006 : SKII Skin Care (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan)
    2004 – 2006 : Laurier Sanitary Napkin (Taiwan)
    2004 – 2006 : Movado Swiss Watches (China, Hong Kong, Macau)
    2003 – 2006 : Stunner Casual Wear (China)
    2006 :             LUX Body Shampoo (China)
    2006 :             LUX Shampoo (China)
    2006 :             OTO Slim Belt (China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore)
    2004 – 2005 : Max Factor (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan)
    2004 :             Crest Whitestrips (China, Hong Kong)
    2004 :             LUX Spa Body Shampoo (Malaysia)
    2003 – 2004 : Philip Wain Beauty, Skin Care and Health Fitness Center (Hong Kong, Singapore, ——————-Malaysia)
    2000 – 2004 : Daily C Fresh Fruit Juice/Vitamin C Vegetable Drink (China, Taiwan)
    2000 – 2004 : LUX Shampoo (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan)
    2003 :             Lee Jeans (Taiwan)
    2003 :             Morning Breakfast Cereal (China)
    2002 :             CIBA Vision (Taiwan)
    1999 – 2000 : Yamaha “Vino” & “Bianco” Scooter (Taiwan)
    1999 :             De Beers Diamond (Taiwan)
    1997 – 1999 : Shiseido “ZA” Line Cosmetics (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, ——————-Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia)
    1998 :             Korean Red Ginseng (Hong Kong, Taiwan)
    1998 :             Bausch & Lomb Contact Lens (Hong Kong, Taiwan)
    1996 :             Takeo Kikuchi Menswear (Japan)
    1994 :             Michel Jordi Watches (Hong Kong)

  • Branding


    2017 :                 Karen Mok x Replay
    2016 – present : Karen Mok x Ruco Line
    2015 – present : Karen Mok x iHubb “Save me” Collection
    2008 :                 Karen Mok the FRAGRANCE
    2007 :                 Karen Mok LINGERIE by Passion Play

  • Awards & Achievements

    Awards & Achievements



    2012 : Golden Rooster Chinese Film Awards – Nomination for Best Supporting Actress Go! La ———-La Go!”
    2007 : Hong Kong Film Awards – Nomination for Best Supporting Actress “Mr. Cinema”
    2007 : Golden Rooster Chinese Film Awards – Nomination for Best Supporting Actress Mr. ———-Cinema”
    2005 : Hong Kong Film Awards – Nomination for Best Actress “Wait Until You’re Older”
    1996 : Hong Kong Film Awards – Nomination for Best Actress “The God of Cookery”
    1996 : Taiwan Golden Horse Award – Nomination for Best Actress “The God of Cookery”
    1995 : Hong Kong Film Awards – Best Supporting Actress “Fallen Angels”
    1995 : Golden Bauhinia Hong Kong Film Critic Awards – Best Supporting Actress “Fallen Angels”




    2017 :《2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards in Hong Kong》Best Asian Artist Mandarin

    2017 : NetEase Attitude Awards 2017 – Best Female Singer

    2016 : 20th China Music Awards – Best Female Singer (Hong Kong and Taiwan), Channel V Asia ——— Best All-round Singer and Best Movie Theme Song of the year –《Monk comes down the———-mountain》THEME SONG KAREN MOK X ZHANG JIE《Yi nian zhi jian》.————

    2016 : 18th Hauding Awards – Best Chinese Female Singer

    2015 : 16th China Music Media Awards – Best Album “Departures”, Best Female Mandarin ——— Singer, Chinese Media Most Popular Singer and Best Cantonese Song

    2015 : Mando Music Taiwan 2015 – Top Ten Album and Top Ten Single

    2015 : 19th China Music Awards – Asia Most Popular Singer and Channel V All-round Singer

    2013 : Singapore HIT Awards 2013 – Best Female Vocalist Award , Asia Influential Artiste ———Award , Charismatic Female Performer Award
    2012 : 13th CCTV & MTV Music Awards – Greater China Most Popular Female Singer
    2012 : Channel V Music Awards – Best Female Singer and Best Stylish Singer
    2011 : 22nd Golden Melody Awards – Best Female Singer
    2011 : 5th TENCENT QQ Awards – Album of the Year
    2011 : Beijing Music Awards – Most Popular Artist
    2010 : Chinese Billboard – Most Influential Artist of the Decade
    2009 : Beijing Music Awards – All-round Artist of the Year
    2009 : Beijing Music Awards – Album of the Year
    2009 : China Mobile Digital Music Award – Most Popular Album Launch Download
    2009 : MTV Style Gala –Best Hong Kong Female Singer Style Award
    2008 : TVB8 Channel Award – Best Female Singer (Mandarin)
    2008 : 8th Mandarin Music and Media Awards – Best Female Mandarin Singer
    2008 : 9th CCTV & MTV Music Awards – Hong Kong Most Popular Female Singer
    2008 : Asia Song Festival – Best Asian Artist, Hong Kong
    2008 : MTV Asia Awards – Inspiration Award
    2008 : 19th Golden Melody Awards – Best Album “L!ve is…Karen Mok”
    2007 : Beijing Pop Music Award – Female Performer of the Year
    2007 : China Fashion Award –Break-through Asia Performer of the Year
    2006 : Sina Awards – Female Singer of the Year
    2006 : China Fashion Award – Female Singer Award
    2004 : Sprite (My Choice) Awards – Most Popular Female Singer
    2003 : 14th Golden Melody Awards – Best Female Singer
    2003 : CCTV & MTV Music Honours – Best Female Artist of the Year, Hong Kong
    2003 : TVB8 Channel Award – Female Singer Golden Award
    2003 : Hong Kong Radio Award – Asia Female Artist
    2003 : MTV Style Award – Female Artist of the Year (Hong Kong / Taiwan)
    2002 : Taiwan MTV Award – Most Wanted Artist
    2002 : Hong Kong Metro Radio Award – Mandarin Female Artist
    2002 : TVB8 Channel Award – Female Artist Media Award
    2000 : China Music Chart Award – Most Popular Female Singer of the Year
    2000 : Beijing MTV Award – Newcomer Artist Asia
    1999 : Radio 903 Music Awards – The Oriental Supreme Award
    1998 : Super Live Awards Taiwan – Most Popular Female Singer




    2016 : Bergamo Government, Italy – European nation’s first Asian Cultural Ambassador

    2015 : Marie Claire 25th Anniversary “Bend the rules” – Amazing Woman Award

    2015 : 2015 CCTV Spring Festival Gala – Performer

    2013 : Estée Lauder “Directing Your Life” Women Award

    2013 : The Age of MOKnificence – Karen Mok 20th Anniversary Exhibition @ Landmark Hong ———Kong
    2013 : China microblog (TENCENT and SINA) – over 36 million followers
    2012 : Mandarin Oriental Hotel International Celebrities FAN (Worldwide)
    2012 : Marie Claire 22th Anniversary Awards – Inspiring Women Award
    2010 : Asian Games, Guangzhou – official singer
    2010 : <Precious>— more than 150 No.1’s throughout Greater China
    2010 : Nokia “Comes with Music” Global No.1 single AUG & SEP 2010
    2008 : Clinton Global Initiative Asia Gala Dinner – special performance
    2008 : Beijing Olympics – Torch-Bearer
    2008 : Beijing Olympics Opening & Closing Ceremony – Performer
    2008 : ELLE Fashion Style Awards – All-round Artist Award
    2008 : MTV Asia Awards – Host
    2007 : COSMOPOLITAN – Woman of the Year Award
    2007 : TENCENT QQ Awards – Female Artist of the Year
    2005 : Trade Development Council – Style Icon Award
    1999 : Hong Kong Fashion Designers’ Association (HKFDA) – 10 Best Dressed Personalities ———Award
    1998 : Vogue – Karl Lagerfeld Prize

  • Charities


    Partnership Champion – Roll Back Malaria (2013 to present)
    Ambassador – The Nature Conservancy (2013 to present)
    “Pambassador” of Chengdu Province, China (2012)
    Patron – Animals Asia Foundation “China Bear Rescue” (2003 to present)
    Ambassador – UNICEF, Hong Kong (2004 to present)
    Ambassador – SPCA (2002 to present)
    Ambassador – Care for Children, China (2004 to present)
    Ambassador – Hong Kong St. John’s Ambulance (2003 to present)
    Volunteer – Habitat for Humanity China (2008 to present)
    Ambassador – Enlighten Action for Epilepsy Hong Kong (2008 to present)
    Humane Society International – Campaign Against Seal Hunting (2009)
    Honorary Ambassador – World Heart Day (2008)
    Global Ambassador – Special Olympics (2007)
    Ambassador – Hong Kong Girl Guides (2007)
    Ambassador – Hong Kong Cancer Fund (2006 to 2007)
    Ambassador – Hong Kong Shopping Festival, Hong Kong Tourism Board (2005 to 2007)
    Ambassador for Hong Kong Girl Guides 90th Anniversary (2006)
    “Style HK” Ambassador – Hong Kong Trade Development Council (2006)
    Ambassador – “Statue of World Peace” – Sino-French Year Culture (2004)
    Ambassador – Taiwan World Vision – Famine 30 Hours (2001 to 2002)
    Ambassador – Taiwan – Hong Kong Tourism Board (2001 to 2002)

  • International Film Festivals

    International Film Festivals



    2002 : The 2nd International Film Festival of Marrakech, Morocco
    2001 : The 4th Deauville Asian Film Festival
    1997 : The 1st Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival




    2001 : Udine Far East Film Festival – “All The Way”
    1995 : Berlin Film Festival – “Fallen Angels”